1. Do not post, link to, or request any content that breaks the law. Borderline or grey-area content will also be removed if the law is uncertain. This content includes, but is not limited to:

    a) Any obscene/sexualized/nude media involving a minor, fictional or otherwise.

    b) Any obscene pornography (rape/scat/zoo/necro/etc).

    c) Any realistic and direct threats of violence.

2. Any activity that damages the site or it's functions is prohibited, including: spamming, flooding, phishing, botting, raiding. Shortened/shekel links and excessive/"annoying" advertisements are considered spam.

3. All content on the site must be easily and safely verifiable. "Suspicious" links, archives, or any other form of content may be removed without verification. No moderator is expected to check these. If you are trying to share a video that exceeds the upload limit, use or a similar site instead of an archive if possible.

Reporting and Contact

Everything that breaks the rules must be reported using the report function tied to each post (either the dropdown menu or the check box). For a larger issue, or to discuss these rules in private, you are free to send a message on the Admin Email: [email protected]

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